Why Us


What sets us apart from other larger service providers is that we are a privately owned business and are agile, flexible and cost-effective when it comes to developing innovative programs. We have the capacity to perform audits worldwide at short notice.


Verisio currently handles the supply chain management and social compliance auditing for over twenty of the most well- known British retailers and brands

But we also work for clients in the construction, financial and labour provider industries helping them to understand existing and potential risks. We recently completed an intense twelve-month project for a high-profile retailer in Leicester under the glare of media attention.


We pride ourselves on our cutting-edge cloud-based software ‘Optimus’, which allows us to run the business and handle vast banks of data efficiently.

Many of our clients still use Excel spreadsheets when they first come to us for help. We take all of that out of their hands because ‘Optimus’ automates many of the processes.

Our software is designed in-house and specifically created to manage supply chain transparency and Modern Slavery Act compliance. Other large organisations may have similar systems, but no other company matches software with auditor expertise in the way that Verisio does.