Meet the Verisio Leadership Team

Christopher Riley

Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Riley has been running companies in Asia for over 30 years. After leaving the Royal Hong Kong Police, he moved into manufacturing, quality control and social compliance, eventually owning his own business, which performed over 30,000 factory site visits a year across 18 countries. He sold that business in 2012 to a major German certification body.

Leon Reed

Chief Technical Officer and Founder

Leon Reed has been auditing since 2009 and is arguably the most experienced social compliance auditor in the country. He founded Verisio when it became apparent that there was a need for more robust due diligence regarding Modern Slavery risks in the UK and global supply chains. He is responsible for creating audit methodologies, thought leadership and business development.

Vanessa Wong

Chief Financial Officer

Vanessa Wong has been in the quality control and social compliance industry since 1994. She has extensive experience running operations, developing and implementing procedures and designing software systems. She is responsible for Verisio’s activities in China and other Asian countries as well as the Group’s finances.

Krisztina Shutt

General Manager

Krisztina Shutt is responsible for the daily operational activity of the business. All auditors and client coordinators in Europe report to her. She ensures that the corporate process runs smoothly and we consistently meet our clients’ expectations and our contractual commitments. She holds a First Class Honours degree in Journalism from a leading Eastern European University. She speaks English, Hungarian and Romanian.

Dale Archer

Supply Chain Program Manager

Dale Archer has been auditing for many years and is an APSCA Listed Auditor. He is now responsible for managing a team of Client Coordinators, each of whom handles one or more retailer programs. Coordinators interact with suppliers, factories, and their clients daily, ensuring that Verisio provides the highest level of personal service. Dale is also the Master User and development lead for the ‘Optimus’ software system.

Simon Goldby

Head of Training

Simon Goldby joined Verisio after serving 25 years in the British Army. He was a Head of Trade and appointed the most senior Warrant Officer in the Army. He led internal auditors checking military sites for quality and ethical compliance, reporting directly to the Chief of General Staff. Simon is in charge of developing training material and onboarding all new auditors who have to go through a one-year training course to meet APSCA professional standards.