Deep Dive

Deep dive by Verisio

Deep Dive is a cutting-edge audit methodology that
uses technology and professional auditors to drive
ethical compliance within supply chains and
improve labour standards.

Deep dive by Verisio

Deep Dive is a cutting-edge audit methodology that
uses technology and professional auditors to drive
ethical compliance within supply chains and
improve labour standards.


No Microsoft Word, Excel
or PDF documents


Map supply chains, use physical
audits and fix non-compliances


Challenges traditional
methodologies for better outcomes


No annual membership fees and a
supplier paid program


What makes Deep Dive more robust
than other existing programs?

Unannounced audits

Extensive experience auditing in the UK

Cost effective option for the suppliers

Managed entirely by Verisio’s Deep Dive team using our propriety software Optimus

Forensic examination of bank accounts, payroll records and related documentation

Full-time, professional APSCA listed auditors

What ethical standard does Deep Dive use?

Our reference standard for the United Kingdom is the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code, as well as local legislation and the responsible sourcing community’s commonly accepted interpretation of these.

How does the grading work?

Suppliers are graded at the point of audit and then on their corrective action evidence. For multi-year programs, suppliers graded Low/ Compliant will not be audited for one year.

What we offer

One initial on-site audit & one surveillance audit

Continuous CAPR management by Verisio’s Deep Dive team

Monthly management reporting to client and supplier

Client login to software for reports, CAPRs and data

Real-time dashboards and visible data 24/ 7

Four one-day public seminars held throughout the year to improve understanding of root cause analysis and continuous improvement


Deep Dive is a more effective methodology

  • Challenges stagnant and outdated social auditing methods
  • Completely unannounced audits
  • Unannounced follow-ups on corrective actions
  • Leverages Verisio’s vast global experience auditing factory sites
  • A combined audit with a desktop review and an onsite audit
  • Forensically examines bank accounts and payroll records
  • Ensures policies and procedures are implemented fully into the business
  • Empathetic and engaging worker interviews
  • A dynamic Corrective Action Plan Report (CAPR) built into the software system

APSCA Registered Auditors

  • All Auditors are registered with APSCA*
  • All auditors are fully employed by Verisio
  • All Auditors will regularly be witnessed to ensure consistency
  • No auditor will provide consulting services to avoid any conflict of interest

Supply Chain Mapping

  • Clients can see each of their audited, risk-rated and graded supply chains
  • Clients are provided with regular management reports
  • Dynamic dashboards are visible in the system identifying risk by geography and type

Audit Reporting using our proprietary software (Optimus)

  • Audits are completed on a cloud-based software system (no Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF)
  • Factories and companies upload data for auditor evaluation pre-audit
  • Data is kept in a highly secure cloud-based server
  • The software continually drives audit consistency and robustness of the data
  • Auditors upload evidence, including pictures, into the software
  • Clients are made aware of critical non-compliance in real-time
  • Easy to share audit reports

Corrective Action Plans

  • Dynamic Corrective Action Plan Report (CAPR) built into the software
  • Suppliers are provided with online corrective action plans after an audit
  • Suppliers can start to address the non-conformances immediately
  • Full root cause analysis needs to be provided to ensure proper remediation
  • Easy to share corrective action reports
  • The analysis runs from the corrective action plans
  • Clients have online access to the audit report and the corrective action plans for their own suppliers

Cost Efficient

  • Free to use software (Optimus) to manage the entire due diligence process
  • One-stop-shop software solution
  • Auditors will spend less time on site as document review is on-going
  • All corrective actions are managed by the Verisio Deep Dive team
  • Fixed all-inclusive pricing


  • Audit reports are analysed to understand key areas of risk within the supply chain
  • Non-conformances are analysed to understand key risks within the supply chain

Why Choose Verisio

Verisio manages the global supply chain transparency programs for over twenty well-known UK retailers and brands using our Optimus software and dedicated teams of professional social compliance auditors. We have the capacity to perform audits worldwide at short notice.

How our program works:

  1. Client (Supply Chain Owner) provides a list of suppliers to Verisio
  2. Each supplier signs a 1-year contract with Verisio
  3. Verisio verifies each suppliers’ details and uploads them to Optimus
  4. Suppliers are sent an online questionnaire to upload documentation to be reviewed by an auditor
  5. An initial on-site audit is conducted using all of the data provided by the supplier
  6. A corrective action plan is sent to the suppliers on completion of the on-site audit (within 5 days)
  7. The supplier will be risk rated and graded, which is visible to the client on Optimus
  8. Non-conformances are entered into Optimus and a unique URL link is provided to the supplier and the client
  9. Suppliers upload corrective action evidence to Optimus via the link provided
  10. Optimus will continuously send notifications until all corrective actions are closed
  11. After six months an unannounced on-site surveillance audit will be conducted, where all non-conformances will be reviewed by the auditor including worker interviews and a site tour. Any outstanding non-conformances will be updated on Optimus and a link sent to the supplier and the client
  12. The supplier will be risk assessed and re-graded.

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