Audit terms & conditions

Audit Site Access

The ability of Verisio auditors to conduct a credible social compliance audit depends on factory management’s cooperation and willingness to provide auditors access to employees for confidential interviewing, documentation for review (including payroll and attendance records) and access to all areas of the factory for visual observation. Any key staff to facilitate with (payroll, HR and H&S should be available to assist during the audit window.

Booking Lead Time

Request for audit should be made 30 calendar days prior to the desired audit date, but Verisio will always try to accommodate any urgent audits.

Report Turnaround Time Scope

Final audit report will be sent via e-mail to the pre-designated party within 5 working days. SMETA will be submitted on the Sedex platform with a maximum of 15 days turnaround time, as per the Minimum Requirements.  Audit findings are based on crosschecking data gathered from visual observation, confidential worker interviews, management interviews, and documentation review.

Audit Management Fee

General administration fee for audit scheduling, preparation and report writing.

Distribution of Worker Interview Information

To effectively execute the audit, confidential worker interviews are undertaken. It is Verisio’s position to ensure that workers of factories will not be retaliated against comments or information obtained during the auditing process. In absence of objective evidence and to ensure the integrity of the audit process, Verisio reserves the right to non-disclosure of information obtained from workers to the factory. Therefore, information obtained from interviews will be kept confidential and may not be included in the final audit report.

By accepting these terms and conditions you authorise Verisio to communicate, where applicable worker interview information that may not be contained in the final report to the payee of the audit and/or the master client/retailer who owns the Code of Conduct programme.

Audit Day

8 hours spent working on site with half hour break and in compliance with local labour law.

Normal Working Day

Mon – Fri (or in compliance with local labour law and customs).

Express Service

Rush / ASAP booking within 7 days from desired audit date. If an audit requires multiple audit days, Verisio might send more than one auditor to accommodate the audit as soon as possible.

Access Denied Charge

Scheduled audit or assessment was not performed due to factory management not allowing Verisio staff to enter or conduct the audit or assessment for reasons outside the control of Verisio staff.

The client/site will be invoiced in full, including audit day fee(s) and all expenses incurred.

Cancellation Charge

Cancellation of the audit within less than 10 working days from scheduled audit day audit will be invoiced for at 50% of audit day fee and all expenses incurred.

Cancellation of the audit less than 48 hours from scheduled audit. Invoiced in full including audit day fee(s) and all expenses incurred.

Extra Travel Time Charge

  1. If travel is required on the day before or the day after the audit.
  2. Waiting time day before or day after the audit date due to the lack of transport resources – up to 4 hours: additional 0.5 audit day.
  3. Holidays and Weekends will vary depending on local law and customs. A surcharge will be applied for work and travel on such days.

More than 4 hours: additional 1.0 audit day.

Flight Charge

Cost of air travel for economy class – invoiced at actual cost.

Travel Expense

Cost of travel expense other than air. Invoiced at cost or in accordance with pre-approved travel cost matrix.

Accommodation Expense

  • If travel is required on the day before or the day after the audit.
  • If the audit requires 2 or more days to complete.


In both cases, invoiced at cost or in accordance with pre- approved travel cost matrix.

General Conditions Confidentiality

Neither party will be liable to the other party for indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages, including damages for lost opportunities, lost profits from this Agreement or any other transaction, or lost savings, even if such damages were foreseeable or result from a breach of this Agreement.

All activities of Verisio Ltd are governed by the Optimus management system which can be provided upon request.

Payment Terms

14 Days

All invoices must be paid prior to the audit taking place.

Professional Fees

SEDEX professional fees will be charged to all SMETA, APSCA levy fee will be added to all audits where a social compliance audit has been carried out.