Verisio’s vision is to make the world a better place. We are not a charity because we do not want to rely on the uncertainty of grants to be able to pay our employees. We are a business. And the function of a business is to make profit. With this profit we can employ more people, who can help in the fight against Modern Slavery and who can pay their mortgages and feed their families with their salaries.

We rely on the clients who engage us. We provide them with our auditing and due diligence services to protect them against brand risk and to meet their CSR strategies. Sometimes our clients are not corporates but local authorities who outsource enforcement activity for which they don’t have headcount. The important thing is to talk less and do more. We have auditors on the ground checking for compliance to the law every day in the UK and delving deep into global supply chains. Last week we put some people on a fishing boat in Indonesia that was linked to forced labour. The month before we had auditors at a site in China, near the North Korean border.

Running an effective business that also makes the world a better place is not rocket science. You don’t have to be Elon Musk. With 30 years experience running companies we have learnt that it doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to work 16 hour days and punch out 50 emails an hour to be a successful entrepreneur. We know people who only receive 10 emails a day, but get a lot of stuff done.

The formula we like to share with everyone is PP + PP + SS = EE.

You have to understand your organisation and its workflows, then you create and document a Perfect Process (PP). You have to hire, train and lead Positive People (PP), give them easy tools and Simple Software (SS) to make their daily work comfortable and efficient. When you pull all this together you will be able to deliver exactly what your clients expect and what you promised every time, on time, without fault. And that is what we call Excellent Execution (EE).

Make the world and your office a simpler, smoother and better place.

Verisio uses our Optimus Compliance Management software to run our business from end to end, to please our colleagues and to help our clients achieve their goals.

The formula for running an effective organisation