To help those 8,424 companies who have still not issued a Modern Slavery Statement, despite being legally required to do so, Verisio is offering to write your statements free of charge as part of your New Year’s Resolution to get this sorted. We will also provide one-day in-house awareness training sessions for your staff free of charge. Let’s get moving on this in 2019. 

Organisations which do not meet the requirements in the Act, for example by having a turnover below £36m, can still choose to voluntarily produce a ‘slavery and human trafficking statement’. Smaller organisations may be asked by those they are supplying goods or services to if they have a statement or policy setting out their approach to tackling modern slavery, especially if they are bidding for contracts with larger businesses above the threshold. Therefore, smaller organisations may find it helpful to voluntarily produce a statement as a means of managing these requests and providing a level of assurance to their customers. Even if the legislation does not apply, we would encourage all businesses to be open and transparent about their recruitment practices, policies and procedures in relation to modern slavery and to take steps that are consistent and proportionate with their sector, size and operational reach.

Contact us by email, phone or website if you want to register for help getting compliant. 

Modern Slavery Statements written free of charge