We understand that it is not always possible to audit every single supplier in your global supply chain. That’s why we have developed our online self-assessment tool ‘Optimus’ which helps to map your supply chain and allows our auditors to do a desk-top audit feeding into the risk assessment section of your Modern Slavery Statement.

However at some point, someone must physically go and visit the high risk manufacturing sites to engage and empathise with potentially vulnerable workers. If nobody ever visits the suppliers how can you state with conviction ‘that there is no slavery in your supply chain’?

How can you be compliant with Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act if you simply send someone an email asking them if they employ slaves? You need to put some boots on the ground eventually. And Verisio provides the experienced auditors in the UK and in Asia to do so. All of our auditors have hundreds of ethical audits under their belt and know what they are looking for when they visit a site.

On behalf of large audit firms, retailers and other organisations we visited 1200 sites last year in UK/ Europe and are hoping to do 30% more visits in 2018.

Boots on the Ground !