APSCA  (Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors)   was created to enhance the professionalism, consistency and credibility of individual auditors and organizations performing independent social compliance audits, and to promote the use of independent social compliance audits as a tool to advance workplace conditions for workers globally.  APSCA’s certification process will ensure auditors have consistent training, education, background checks, and demonstrated competencies which are standard requirements in comparable professional auditor associations.

Social compliance audits are often conducted by third party auditing firms and are a tool used by multinational organizations to assess their supply chain facilities compliance to local and international expectations on labor conditions. ​ APSCA comes at a time when supply chains are becoming increasingly global and consequently the demand for social compliance audits will continue to increase.

APSCA continues to progress towards achieving our vision of being trusted professionals in social compliance auditing.  The most recent step towards this is the enrolment of over 2740 (and growing) auditors from 62 different countries.  We had over 1900 auditors fully enrolled and allocated the level of “Registered” (eligible to sit the exam) as at 31 July.

Upon completion of the enrolment process all auditors received their APSCA Member Number.  Auditors/ Audit Firms are encouraged to share these numbers with their clients and include on social compliance audit reports where possible.

Following on from the two pilots and after much research into the use of technology we intend to launch Part I (multiple-choice) and Part II (case study) of the CSCA exam with the support of a third-party proctoring organisation.  More information regarding Part III (simulated interview) will be coming in the next few months.


APSCA Update on Auditor Certification